Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Continuing to Step Outside of My Comfort Zone

Has anyone else noticed that it is easier to be brave when you're sitting in front of your computer in the quiet of your own home?  In a moment of euphoria, the send button is hit and then the angst comes on strong.  At least that's the progression of emotions that I live with.

In light of last week's t-shirt yarn success, I reached out to another local shop owner and crafter who I thought might be interested in the t-shirt yarn.  She's someone I know but not well.  I hit send on that email last Monday and then waited...and waited...and waited.

I was bummed by the lack of response and then on Friday I got an email back.  She was interested!  We emailed back and forth regarding her color preferences and then I headed out to the thrift store for supplies.

Once again, I spent the weekend replenishing my supply.  This time was definitely easier, as I began to really refine my technique and I felt more confident about the desirability of my product.

 On Monday, I packed my bag to go meet with her.  I wanted to throw up (are you seeing a pattern?)  The hardest moment for me is when a prospective customer starts to look at the balls.  It makes me feel slightly insane and totally unworthy.

But guess what?  She bought 8 balls!!!

I guess I'm going to keep trying to push myself outside my comfort zone.  I have another local shop in mind to connect with and I'll be making that pitch tomorrow, possibly in person.  My fingers are crossed!

So what else is going on?  Well, I've made some changes in my Etsy shop.  I finally have enough items to have categories, so I added those today.  I'm also trying to become more involved in my local Etsy teams.  They are a great source of info.  I just need to figure out how much time to devote to everything.

Speaking of time, knowing what you're doing saves a ton of time.  I don't know jack about Instagram but I've got a 15 year old who does and he's promised to help his mom get onto Instagram in the near future.

 In addition to the t-shirt yarn you see in this post, I also added the denim throw that you see below to my shop.  The front of this throw had been complete for almost two years and I just never got around to backing it.  I hadn't realized how much my technique had changed over time but this throw looks very little like more recent ones that I've made.  Still, its fun to see a little blast from my sewing past.

See you next week!

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