Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Check That Off Too

I've been steadily checking things off my to do list and it is pretty thrilling.

The special order rug is done and will be delivered to its new home tomorrow.  That rug was an unexpected delight to make.  I do not think of myself as someone who crochets, I think of myself as a knitter, yet this rug is completely done in crochet and I loved making it.

I chose crochet because this rug is made of small pieces of t-shirt yarn attached using slit and slip method.  That seemed to lend itself better to a round rug, hence my choice to crochet it.  Don't get me wrong, joining sixty four bazillion little pieces of t-shirt yarn is tedious with a capital T but somehow, seeing it evolve made it worthwhile.

I just love everything about the finished product.  The color changes just make my heart sing.  Maybe its just the infusion of vibrant colors after a long gray winter.

I also finished my Armande sweater.  The pattern is by Andi Satterlund and is retro and wonderful!  Mine is made from yarn I frogged from a much too large Irish sweater.  The yarn was so beautiful and traditional, it almost begged to be made into this pattern.  Speaking of the pattern, I really liked it.  Andi's patterns have a lot of writing and although its intimidating at first to see so much pattern, its really more like she's holding your hand throughout the knitting process.

There were a few typos in the pattern which I made note of and if I can get my sh*t together, I will share them on ravelry.  Honestly, they were minor though.

I've got a shop update coming later in the week that I'm excited about, as well as some project planning in the works for some down the road shop additions.

Now I'm off to watch a track meet, with knitting in hand, of course!

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